Tanjung Aru Beach – Relaxing Place For Everyone

 Tanjung Aru Beach

tanjung aru beachTanjung Aru Beach is located 6 kilometres from kota kinabalu just under 15 minutes drive. It is in the suburb kota kinabalu, tanjung aru town where lies the magnificent tanjung aru beach stretch 2 kilometer long. You will find why it is gained such reputation by tourist.

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tanjung aru beachThis is the place forthe best seats for sunset viewing here in kota kinabalu for anyone who love the sunset in the horizon. It has its own fantastic view dividing by three part, first, second and third beach. You can expect beauty scenery across the beach and its park. Lovely walkway suitable for friends and families.
tanjung aru beach

Place To Eat At tanjung Aru Beach


tanjung aru beachThere a lot of stall like chicken wing stall, satay stall if one wants to grab a bite.  The stall serve food and drinks late at night. Also, there are stall for “ready to eat” food like dried fruits, dried fish and seafood snacks and the roasted peanuts, boiled corn or the famous “jeruk buah”  as the local are calling them. You may consider to eat full-course dinner here in seafood restaurants or just enjoying simple meal like satay and chicken wing.
tanjung aru beach

tanjung aru beachThere are several activity you can do in tanjung aru beach such as jogging, picnic and spend some quality time with friends and family. If you the athletic type you can also come to tanjung aru park to have a light training under the sea breeze. I have also seen locals train their skills in skateboarding also parkour practitioner are included.
tanjung aru beach

One can easily go to to the beach by bus sign “pantai tanjung aru” or “tanjung aru beach” from the bus terminal. Be warned though that the bus only available until 6pm, but fear not, if you want to enjoying the beach through the evening under the moonlight which i recommend there is always a taxi cab to get back to town.
tanjung aru beach


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